Sinking and settling of a building can be caused by many different factors, such as bad subsoil, fill, decaying tree stumps, muck, improper compaction prior to building and so on. The solution, of course varies with the cause of the problem.

Soil Stabilizing:

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This is a step most builders and doityourselfers do not spend enough time on. Soil stabilization is a must! Let's say your lot is wooded. After the trees are removed the soil is broken up and raked for as much as 2' or more. Some stumps can go as much as 6' into the ground. This ground needs to be compacted before you put a foundation on it. Or, it will compact after, causing unwanted settling of your foundation which is why you need soil stabilization!

Don't let the dozzer driver tell you he compacted with the dozzer. The reason dozzers can travel on mud where you cannot walk is because the tracks dissipate the weight out over a larger surface. The ground needs to be compacted in layers. Wet ground will not compact... people pour slabs on mud all the time. A drying agent must be added or it will have to be dryed over time. Some soil which has a high plasticity index (PI) will need to be excavated and good select fill brought in and compacted.

Another option for this problem would be to have drilled bell bottom piers incorporated into your foundation design. Bottom line is your foundation needs to be designed by an engineer and those instructions followed by a builder who does not cut corners... Good luck with that one!

Here at Dolezar Construction we are happy to provide you with soil stabilization in Orange County, Seminole County and surrounding areas!

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