Soil Stabilization by Pressure Grouting / Mud Jacking

Dolezar Construction offers Pressure Grouting also known as mud jacking in Orange, Lake, Osceola, and Seminole, Florida. We are happy to service the entire central Florida area.

So what is Pressure Grouting also known as Mud Jacking?

The process of injection cement grout (under pressure) into the ground to solidify and stabilize the soil. We use this process to stabilize and lift the structure by "heaving" the soil underneath filling any voids and lifting the structure back to the original elevation.

Pressure grouting (mud jacking) involves injecting a grout material into generally isolated pore or void space of which neither the configuration or volume are known, and is often referred to simply as grouting. Pressure Grouting can be used in many situations where sinking in the soil causes separation of:

  • Walls
  • Cement Pools
  • Basement Floors
  • Decks
  • Foundations

Here are just some examples that will indicate that you may need Pressure Grouting to resolve your structure problem!

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Pressure Grouting has many uses, the greatest of which is to improve stability and bearing. Pressure Grouting is also used to correct faults in concrete and masonry structures. Since first usage in the 19th century, grouting has been performed on the foundations throughout the world.

Although very specialized, pressure grouting (mud jacking) is an essential construction procedure that is practiced by specialist contractors and engineers around the world. At Dolezar construction we are happy to provide you with pressure grouting and mud jacking in osceola, FL,lake, FL,orange county FL,seminole FL. We are happy to service the entire central Florida area.

Central Florida has long been our choice to live, work and raise our family. We look forward to helping you preserve and the value to your home.