Sinking and settling of a building can be caused by many different factors, such as bad subsoil, fill, decaying tree stumps, muck, improper compaction prior to building and so on. The solution, of course varies with the cause of the problem.

Pressure Grouting:

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The process of injection cement grout (under pressure) into the ground to solidify and stabilize the soil.

Pressure grouting (mud jacking) involves injecting a grout material into generally isolated pore or void space of which neither the configuration or volume are known, and is often referred to simply as grouting. The grout may be a cementitious, resinous, or solution chemical mixture.

The greatest use of pressure grouting is to improve geomaterials (soil and rock). The purpose of grouting can be either to strengthen or reduce water flow through a formation. It is also used to correct faults in concrete and masonry structures.

Since first usage in the 19th century, grouting has been performed on the foundation of virtually every one of the world’s large dams, in order to reduce the amount of leakage through the rock, and sometimes to strengthen the foundation to support the weight of the overlying structure, be it of concrete, earth, or rock fill.

Although very specialized, pressure grouting (mud jacking) is an essential construction procedure that is practiced by specialist contractors and engineers around the world.

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