Sinking and settling of a building can be caused by many different factors, such as bad subsoil, fill, decaying tree stumps, muck, improper compaction prior to building and so on. The solution, of course varies with the cause of the problem.

Crawl Space Repairs:

Second generation experience, qualifying us as your specialist.

We know that this can happen in many homes.... We have the solution, no need to be worried, we have the correct engineered structured procedure to repair this condition.

Sometimes this can occur without being noticed inside the home. One beam can be broken and not have an immediate effect on the structure, however when this happens it WILL causes the structure to be under strain, resulting in damage.

Once a year you need to check your crawl space to see if any beams are broken or sagging to avoid structural damage later on.

Here at Dolezar Construction we are happy to provide you with crawl space repair in Orange County, Seminole County and surrounding areas!

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