Foundation Repair:

Second generation experience, qualifying us as your specialist.

At Dolezar Construction we are a family owned and operated General Contractor Company and have over 40 years experience in Foundation Repair and Soil Stabilization. All jobs are supervised by the owner and most repairs are done in ONE day. Yes that is correct ONE day!

Over time foundations move and settle, resulting in various occurrences to happen. Whether it is your patio, pool, pool deck, driveway or walls in your house. This can sometimes cause the home or building owner to become worried that there isn’t a solution other that demolition and re-building.

We are here to provide you with proper structural solutions and to give you the assurance that we have your investment in mind when doing your foundation repair.

As you explore our website you will learn of the different services we offer and the different techniques we deploy to have your repairs done. As you will see in our photo portfolio there are some non-invasive techniques we utilize to do your foundation repair.So you don’t have to question if we will be coming in with huge backhoes, digging and destroying you property. We leave your property cleaner than before we started.

As you spend time with us on our website if you have any questions you can visit our contact page and fill out the form or give us a call.

Signs that you have a foundation problem.....

Cracks in Walls or Celings?

Floors that have cracked or settled?

Pool / Pool decks  Cracked, Eroded or Settled?

Door or Window that do not close properly?

Noticeable nail pops in ceilings and walls?

Services provided for you.....

Dolezar is happy to provide you with foundation repair in Orange County, Seminole County and surrounding areas!

Sinking and settling of a building can be caused by many different factors, such as bad subsoil, fill, decaying tree stumps, muck, improper compaction prior to building and so on. The solution, of course varies with the cause of the problem.

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“We are your foundation repair specialist”.